Dear Robyn,
Hello! I hope this letter finds you well. First off I would like apologize for the lateness of this letter (only a year +). But even though its late the words have remained in my heart during that time and I could think of no better day in which to send it than today. As you know, today is St. Patrick`so Day. This day will always carry a special meaning for me and little did I know that you would become a part of this memory as well. On that particular St. Patrick`s Day my wife and I were in Los Angeles. As I had mentioned to you before, my wife is a kidney transplant recipient. This day found me at a hospital awaiting the outcome of a life saving operation being performed on my wife of twenty years. This surgery lasted in excess of eight hours and was packed with many tense moments that seemed to tear at my very soul leaving me more helpless than I had ever felt before. At the completion of this surgery (successful), I stood at my wife`s bed and watched her body lift from the bed from excruciating pain that is still impossible for me to comprehend. This I knew would pass and knowing that she was alive lifted my spirits. However that was to be short-lived. While standing at her side it was announced on the local news that the company I had worked for for ten years was part of a corporate takeover. I was now faced with finding a new job which can be difficult indeed when the need outweighs the desire to go. This is where you would enter my life. I have been in the data processing industry for over twenty years and have had dealings with many Recruiters during this time. The word which I know you have heard......headhunter always crept into the conversation. As we talked on the phone you had no idea of the situation I was going through with my wife or what I was about to face with the Home Savings takeover. But, from your first `hello` I felt a sense of ease with you. The only way I could describe it was that I was talking to a friend, not a Recruiter. You cared for me as a person and never once made me feel that I was just a body to fill a position. At that point in my life I could not have prayed for more. During my wife`s condition it was imperative that she focus on getting well and not be burdened by such news. I was bound to keep her from this undue stress verbally or visually. This task was made much easier by you. I could say that it was due to your professionalism but what always comes to mind is that it worked out that way because of the bond that was being built between you and I. You were my friend. You guided me in a direction that was best for me and for my future. Your honesty, integrity and pure caring nature eased the most pressure packed time of my life to date. The position you helped me obtain here at HomeBase was perfect for me. I have been able to accomplish many things here and the future looks brighter than ever. I am not surprised that you have moved on to bigger and better things. When I first heard of this it made me sad to think that you may not be a part of my future career growth. But then I had to smile to myself because I still came out on top. I have you as a friend and am pleased that we have stayed in contact. Maybe I was just being greedy thinking that I had my own personal angel watching out for me. You will never know how much all you have done for me has touched my heart. So as you spread your wings to help others always remember that though I often think of you, it is on St. Patrick`s Day that you touched another life in a special way by just being you. For lack of better words.....thank you Robyn from the bottom of my heart.

Joe Williamson
Sr. Software Specialist
HomeBase, Inc.
Irvine, California


Dear Robyn
Thank you for making my dream job become a reality!!
You're the best!
Please keep in touch.
Go Sharks!

Director of IT
San Jose Sharks